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How to Use a Floor Drill Press

By KaneWood

July 19, 2021

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These guidelines will help you operate your drill press correctly and get the best results for your DIY woodworking projects.

Although the controls may vary between drill presses, there are many elements that remain the same.

Follow the instructions supplied by the drill press manufacturer. While setting up the drill, it is important to unplug it.

You can set the speed.

Most drill presses can be adjusted by moving the drive belt between pulleys. The chuck axis’ pulley size determines how fast it spins. As with all cutting operations, slower speeds are better when drilling metal and faster for wood. For the manufacturer’s recommendations, please consult your manual.

Fit the Bit.

Slide in the bit and open the chuck. Next, tighten the three jaws of the chuck with the key. Be sure to take out the chuck. It can become a deadly projectile if you don’t. Do not drill large holes without drilling a pilot hole.

Adjust the Table.

Some models include a crank to adjust the height of the table, while others can move freely after the clamping lever is released. Adjust the height of the table according to the operation.

The Depth of the Water.

You don’t need to adjust the depth gauge. This is the rod that controls how far the spindle moves. If you need to stop a hole from a certain depth, lower your bit and adjust the knurled nuts to ensure that the depth gauge stops at the correct height. The spindle should be stopped by one of the nuts; the other will lock the spindle in place.

Secure the Workpiece.

Before you start your drill press, make sure the workpiece is in its proper place. The drill bit’s rotation may spin the metal or wood workpiece. To prevent this, the workpiece must be secured to the worktable, braced against a support column, or another securement. You should never use the tool without anchoring the workpiece.


After the drill press setup is complete, it’s easy to put it to work. After the drill has spun at maximum speed, place the bit on the workpiece and lower the lever. After drilling the hole, let go of the pressure on your lever. The spring-loaded return mechanism will allow you to return the bit to its original position.


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