How to Use a Floor Drill Press

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  • Date: September 25, 2021
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These guidelines will help you operate your drill press correctly and get the best results for your DIY woodworking projects.

Although controls may differ between drill presses there are many elements that stay the same.

Follow the instructions provided by the drill press manufacturer. While setting up the drill, it is important to unplug it.

The speed can be set.

You can adjust most drill presses by moving the drive belt between pulleys. The speed of the chuck-axis’ pulley determines how fast it spins. As with all cutting operations: slower speeds are better for drilling metal and faster for cutting wood. Refer to your manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Attach the Bit.

Slide the bit in and then open the chuck. Next, use the key to tighten the jaws of each chuck. You must also remove the chuck. If you don’t, it could become a deadly projectile. Avoid drilling large holes without drilling pilot holes.

Adjust the Table.

Some models include a crank for adjusting the height of your table. Others can move freely once you release the clamping lever. The operation can adjust the height of your table.

The Depth of the Water.

You don’t have to adjust the depth gauge. This is the rod that controls the spindle’s movement. To stop a hole at a specific depth, lower the bit and adjust the knurled bolts to ensure that the depth gauge stops at a correct height. The spindle should only be stopped by one of these nuts. The other will lock it in place.

Secure the Workpiece.

Before you start your drill presses, ensure that the workpiece is in its correct place. The drill bit’s rotation can spin the workpiece of metal or wood. The workpiece must be secured to a worktable or braced against a support beam. Anchoring the workpiece is a must before you use the drill press.


After the drill press setup is complete, it’s easy to put it to work. Once the drill spins at maximum speed, place your bit on the workpiece. Lower the lever. After drilling the hole, release the pressure from the lever. The spring-loaded mechanism allows you to return your bit to its original position.

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